You can add Riff support to direnv on a project-specific or global basis. To enable Riff in a project, create a .envrc file that contains this:

# reload when these files change
watch_file Cargo.toml Cargo.lock
# add any other files you might want to trigger a riff reload
# load the riff dev env
eval "$(riff print-dev-env)"

You can enable Riff support globally by adding a use_riff function either to your ~/.config/direnv/direnvrc file or a new ~/.config/direnv/lib/ file. The use_riff function should look something like this:

use_riff() {
  watch_file Cargo.toml watch_file Cargo.lock
  eval "$(riff print-dev-env)"

With direnv now aware of this function, you can enable Riff in any directory with:

echo "use riff" > .envrc

When you run direnv allow you will automatically enter the Riff shell every time you navigate to the project directory.


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